Diversity Selling

Diversity Selling is Sales Training Program designed to address sales in a new global business environment. As technology evolves, the world becomes smaller and smaller, allowing us to interact with people from all over the globe. To take full advantage, we must develop the ability to establish meaningful business relationships that transcend race, sex, age, background and culture. Diversity Selling sales training helps to cultivate this skill set by incorporating social sensitivity and cultural understanding in to the sales process. Through individual coaching, small business training, corporate programs, seminars, lectures, and keynotes, J.D. Garnier uses Diversity Selling to revolutionize sales.

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Trade Organizations

Diversity Selling is customized to support the mission of any trade or professional organization. J.D. is available as a Keynote or for a specialized session on Diversity Selling in conjunction with organization initiatives.

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Corporate/Small Business

Businesses do not always have the internal resources to focus on sales growth. Even those that do are not always equip to handle the changing sales environment. Diversity Selling Training is designed to enhance the skill level, motivation, and results of your sales team. Choose between half-day, full day, or two-day sessions with the option to include one on one coaching.

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College/University Sessions

In this new and changing world, our future business leaders should be armed with the tools to succeed in this new global world. Diversity Selling Training will supplement core curriculum by helping to address and prepare students for real life sales training. Choose between half and full day sessions.


Establish a solid foundation for a sales career. Learn how to prepare both mentally and emotionally, gaining confidence even as you start out in your career.



Activity is extremely important to maintaining success. Learn how to prospect efficiently and effectively by putting yourself in position to meet prospects faster and more often.

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This is where Diversity Selling kicks in to full gear. Learn to connect with people outside of your natural network and transcend race, culture, or background to build meaningful business relationships.



Most salespeople have difficulty getting the final commitment to do business. Learn new and innovative closing techniques that make getting the final sale easier and more fulfilling for the client.