Change Begins from Within!

J.D. Garnier is an empowerment speaker, author, corporate trainer, and sales coach. A New Orleans native now residing in Houston, TX, J.D. has worked in wealth management for over 18 years and managed hundreds of millions of dollars. He teaches many of his tested strategies for success to minority sales professionals all over the country. Passion, energy, focus, and results all define his approach to business. Helping minority business professionals overcome the obstacles and disadvantages they may face in their professions is the center point of his first book: 'How to Sell When Your Clients Don't Look Like You! A minorities guide to success in Sales.'

This book addresses the unique position minority entrepreneurs find themselves in. How do you establish relationships, build trust, and close business with people you may not have anything in common with? How do you bridge the gap of racial, cultural, and social differences to build a client base; How do you sell, when your client's don't look like you? J.D. addresses this through personal stories, tested strategies, and a step by step guide on how to build a client base and close business. 

If you are a minority in sales this book is for you. Pre-Order it now by clicking the link below!



"What you want will always be a fantasy until how to get it becomes your reality."


"Belief is the bridge between uncertainty and unquestionable confidence."

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"It is impossible to move forward effectively while looking back regretfully!"